Meet ROXY – the digital daughter company of OXY and our Swedish partners, Reform Society.

ROXY was born to create positive change in the world by helping others develop and execute digital strategies that influence and engage.

ROXY offers a sharp and distinct alternative to traditional campaigns. She has more attitude, sustainable values ​​and is cost-effective and efficient. We believe our collaboration has created the best campaign execution and approach in the Nordics.

CEO, Anna Hagemann Rise, leads the firm and brings extensive experience from internationally successful start-up Froosh, among others.

ROXY grew out of Reform Society's Danish arm, Reform Act, which formally becomes ROXY on September 9th, 2020. The agency is hitting the ground running, great clients like Dagrofa, Denmark's General Housing, AIDS-Foundation, The Alzheimer's Association, The European Greens and others.

So a big welcome to team ROXY:

Anna Hagemann Rise, CEO

Jakob Åstrøm, Creative Director

Rune Nordstrøm, Strategic Client Director